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  • Malvika Sinha

Basic Craft Essentials

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

There are few craft supplies which can help you to achieve any crafty product. I have

listed the very basic option for essentials that I generally use for activities. These are

basic ones and enough to create most of the beautiful craft and home decor.

Possibilities of crafting are endless, it all plays along with imagination. you can create

a craft station for kids with the mentioned stuff and let the kids explore and utilize the

stuff to the max.

Here is the list:

1) Paper: A4 and A5 are the standard size which can be used for an ample of

activities and any one among the below mentioned are good to start

● Colorful Craft Paper

● Origami Paper

● Glitter Paper

● Handmade Paper

2) Colors:

● Water color

● Acrylic Paint

● Oil Paint

● Crayons

3) Adhesives:

● Glue Gun

● Glue Stick

● Mod Podge

● White Glue

● E6000

4) Tools:

● A pair of Scissors

● Stapler

● Punching tool

● Paper Cutter

5) Decorative:

● Glitters

● Pom pom

● Washi tape

6) Others:

● Popsicles

● Pebbles

● Wool Pads

● yarn/Twine

● Cotton Balls

● Canvas

If you are interested in DIYs then do save the below items whenever you come

across :) :)

These articles can be used for lots of DIYs

1) Empty Cardboards

2) Tissue Paper Rolls

3) Cereal Boxes

4) Glass bottles

5) Wooden Blocks

Hope you find the above article helpful to you. Do share your suggestions or inputs

in the comment section . I would love to add anything extra to the list.

Happy Crafting
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