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Kids Color Walking Experiment

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Kids will be amazed to see that the color is travelling through paper to empty glass and get mixed to become a new color. This experiment looks really fascinating, colorful and magical.

This is a classic science experiment to introduce the color mixing sense to kids.

Kids Color Walking Experiment
Kids Color Walking Experiment

Supplies Required:

  • 7 transparent glass tumblers

  • Water

  • Food color - Red, Blue, Yellow

  • Paper Towel

Let’s get Started:

  1. Fill four glass with water

  2. Add the few drops of food colors to glasses as Red-Blue-Yellow-Red.

  3. Place the 3 empty glasses alternately in between the filled glasses.

  4. Fold the paper towel and put one end in full glass and other end to empty glass.

  5. Paper towel will start soaking the color.

  6. After few hours the color will start moving and getting mix into empty jars.

  7. After few hours the color will moved up to the same level in empty glasses.

  8. Kids will love to see the below color flows - Red and Blue become Purple Blue and Yellow become Green Red and Yellow become Orange

Do share your experience, I would love to see how you get along.

Feel free to share and comment, happy to take questions if you have any?

Stay tuned for the upcoming recipes!!

Thanks for reading !! Have a wonderful day!!

Happy Experience :)
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